Current job vacancies


We will be offering the following training positions from 1st August 2019:


  • Industrial clerk (m/f), (already taken)
     training period: 3 years

    Trainee job description: Planning, implementation and  supervision of the different business and economical exercises in differend divisions: sales, marketing, materials administration, human recources, finance and accounting.

  • Industrial ceramist (m/f)/ process engineer,
    training period: 3 years

    Trainee job description:Manufacture and glazing of ceramic products made of argillaceous masses, as well as the creation of working moulds made from gypsum. The scope of the tasks includes the shaping, drying, finishing and firing of the products.

  • Industrial ceramist (m/f)/ systems engineer,
    training period: 3 years

    Trainee job description: Operation, monitoring, servicing and maintenance of machines and systems for the manufacture of ceramic products. Checking of the products in the test laboratory by means of physical and chemical analysis.    

The practice-orientated training is carried out with interesting and diverse activities, and at varying locations within the company. In order to allow some prior insight into these traineeships, it is possible to carry out a short internship. Please contact us by telephone should you have any further questions.

Please send completed written applications to:

systemceram GmbH & Co KG
Berggarten 1, 56427 Siershahn
Fon: 02623 / 600 -10
Fax: 02623 / 600-271


systemceram GmbH&Co.KG
Berggarten 1
56427 Siershahn

Fon: +49 26 23/600-10
Fax: +49 26 23/600-790

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