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As the most important workplace within the kitchen, the sink has long risen over and above its basic function. On request, we therefore supply practical accessories for additional functions naturally made of high-quality and durable materials.

Work boards
Adapted to the dimensions of our sinks and axially movable, we offer high-quality and durable work boards made of glass, sophisticated woods and plastic.

Stainless steel strainer tray
Our stainless steel strainer tray is an expedient and well-fitting supplement at the sink, in which you can temporarily collect, rinse or store objects. We provide this product as a flexible insert for the large sink or strainer basin.

Stainless steel dish racks
Collect, prepare, store and allow to drain….the application possibilities for our stainless steel dish racks are as diverse as the shapes available, which are precisely aligned to our sinks. 

Dishwashing detergent dispense
Many systemceram sinks have an optional hole for a dishwashing detergent dispenser, so that the usual plastic bottle can be removed from sight.

Mit der neuartigen Faltmatte ist das Spülentuning perfekt. Durch sie entsteht zusätzlicher Platz in der Küche, der zum Arbeiten oder Abstellen genutzt werden kann.


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