Laboratory worktops

KeraLab laboratory worktops represent precisely planned and produced chemical-technical stoneware worktops which make a comprehensive range of services accessible for planners and laboratory assistants: from the universal fields of application through a wide range of other products. For example, the increased security, functionality and optimised ergonomics provided by marine edges. Or the ease of assembly through cuts accurate to the millimetre and appropriate test layout at the production plant.

The laboratory worktops are individually plannable from S to XXL, and within very short production times, we manufacture our laboratory worktops within the scope of the maximum dimensions, 2000 mm x 990 mm. We are able to produce all requested dimensions, curvatures and cut-outs without long and complex mould construction.

The join-reduced large surface which results has an extremely positive influence on the decontamination and disinfection of the worktops.