Innovations in laboratory ceramics

The QuickSink assembly revolution

Installation on construction sites is about to become even easier with the new milled fold for laboratory sinks. The minimal assembly work saves time and money. At the same time, the new insertion technology provides better prerequisites for higher stability of the laboratory sinks, which can carry up to 150 kg.

From S to XXL  

Within the scope of maximum dimensions (200 cm x 100 cm), we are able to realise all dimensions, recesses, curvatures etc. quickly and without the need for complex mould construction - naturally in accordance with a strict body of standards. The initial basis for this is state of the art production conditions such as the CAD-controlled milling system.

Design as a measure of quality.

With the multitude of sinks and the join-minimised worktops, the numerous beading and cut-out shapes and the freely-selectable drainage grooves, an extremely individualised workplace design is possible. Three standard and seven special glazings and the absolute utility qualities in accordance with the standards make KeraLab products ideal for very different practical requirements in chemistry, pharmaceutical, education and research environments.


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