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Kitchen worktops in cast ceramics


DIVERSIFY and COMBINE with an almost unlimited amount of design flexibility.

Quality not quantity.

When it comes to kitchens it is all about subtle differences. Choosing the correct materials and design is vital. The KeraDomo MODULAR PHILOSOPHY goes hand-in-hand with this. It offers almost complete design freedom with a material boasting unique properties.

20 mm Worktop

A range of dimensions:

Width up to1,800mm
Depthup to995mm
Thickness without overflow edge: 32 mm 


30 mm Worktop

A range of dimensions:

Width up to1,960mm
Depthup to995mm
Thickness A.with overflow edge:
  30 mm + 4 mm overflow edge
 B.without overflow edge: 32 mm
 C.with softened edge: 30 mm


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