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Preparing, washing, rinsing, drainage and storing…. The sink area is the most intensively used place in the kitchen.

How can find the right sink?
The size of the base cabinets and the decision of whether the sink should be fitted on top of, under or flush with the worktop is decisive. systemceram provides functional solutions for all requirements with single and/or double basins, strainer basins and outlets. Sinks are currently available in 15 modern colours and a convincing variety of shapes. Practical accessories with additional functions and high-quality fittings also supplement our range.

How durable are KeraDomo kitchen ceramics?
As a sister product of laboratory ceramics, the special resilience of KeraDomo kitchen ceramics makes it an ideal material for all areas which have to withstand extreme conditions: it is impact, shock and heat resistant, resistant to acid and hygienic. The high material density and high load capability of the 1,200°C-fired porcelain stoneware is thanks to the company's experience as a supplier for demanding laboratory equipment, enabling us to provide a 5-year guarantee on our KeraDomo kitchen ceramic products!

How time-consuming is the maintenance of ceramic materials?
Ceramic surfaces are particularly easy to care for and retain their attractive look for many years. A washing up cloth and sponge suffice for simple cleaning care. A skin-friendly biological universal cleaner is available in our range for intensive cleaning, which is effective against limescale, mildew and mould.
All sinks can be finished with our CleanPlus coating on request, which avoids the persistent adherence of soiling and limescale. A soft cloth is then sufficient to wipe the surface clean of residues.


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