Advantages of laboratory ceramics

Ceramics are the traditional material for reliable laboratory equipment, and this is the case for good reasons:

The chemical-technical stoneware made from clay is fired at over 1,200°C in on-site industrial furnaces, and this alone creates an exceptional ceramic material in terms of high material density and load capability. It therefore fulfils all the specifications of DIN 28062 (Materials table 1.1.4), designs according to DIN 12916.


Cutting, impacts, scratching ... the properties of chemical-technical stoneware in combination with the special qualities of the glazings make the material robust against all mechanical stresses.

Labor Strapazierfaehigkeit


Acid resistance

The systemceram stoneware is resistant against all acids in accordance with DIN 51102.

Labor Saeure


Thermal shock resistance

The high resistance to thermal stress is among other things proven after being subjected to Bunsen burners.

Labor Schnittfest


Superior material. Everyday laboratory safety.

Properties Advantages Proof
Acid resistant No surface damage effected by acids Laboratory tests
Odour neutral Does not smell and does not transfer odours Laboratory tests
Taste neutral Does not impart taste  
Flame resistant Cannot burn Test
Thermal shock resistant Setting down of hot objects is possible Laboratory test (Quench test)
High abrasion resistance Minimal wear Laboratory test PI test
High compressive strength No static problems Load-bearing up to 200 kg
Light-fast No colour alterations  
Easy care Less and easier cleaning  
High impact resistance Low risk of damage Demonstration
Easy to install Minimal installation effort Type list
No increased radioactive values Not damaging to health Laboratory tests




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