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How time-consuming is it to maintain ceramic materials?

Ceramic surfaces are particularly easy to care for and retain their attractive look for many years. A washing up cloth and sponge suffice for simple cleaning care. A skin-friendly biological universal cleaner is available in our range for intensive cleaning, which is effective against limescale, mildew and mould.

All our sinks can be finished with our CleanPlus coating on request, which avoids the persistent adherence of soiling and limescale. A soft cloth is then sufficient to wipe the surface clean of residues.


For the removal of stubborn soiling, we recommend using only a moderately abrasive cleaning agent, such as our Biotopp or the products usual on the market, Cerafix or Stahlfix.



Limescale and soiling cannot get a grip on a CleanPlus-sealed surface. If all instructions are observed, then this special surface protection will be lastingly retained. Washing up liquid is sufficient for cleaning, or a mild vinegar or all-purpose cleaner. Aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents may destroy the CleanPlus properties and scratch the glazing.



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