KeraLab – High-Quality Laboratory Ceramics

Keralab laboratory tabletops and basins stand for fine stone products planned and manufactured with precision. These products by systemceram have been providing planners and lab technicians with an extensive, high-quality customized product range for 40 years and guarantee lasting reliability. Due to our regional production directly in the Westerwald region, our products represent quality 100 % made in Germany!

Optimum Quality

systemceram has always exclusively produced stoneware for laboratory equipment which meets the high standards of the applicable norms pursuant to EN 14879-6. It is fired at 1,240°C and has special material density.

Especially Robust

The material is acid-proof, fire-proof, and odorless and is distinguished by a high degree of shock and pressure resistance. The high material density and resilience of our chemical-technical stoneware ensures an extremely long product life and durability. On top of this, the products are surprisingly low maintenance, making KeraLab the optimum material for laboratory equipment. 

Sustainable Production

We used selected clays and fireclays from regional primary material stocks. The firing process in our modern tunnel furnaces is part of an energy circulation system with a 2,500 square-meter photovoltaics unit as well as intelligent heat recycling.

Individual Dimensions

Desired dimensions from S to XXL, we can rapidly implement curvatures, recesses and drainage grooves and there are almost no limits to high-quality customized final products in the area of laboratory ceramics! This produces freedom and reliability in planning at the highest level.

Optimum Functionality

Diverse sizes and a large selection of torus shapes in the worktop area guarantee optimum functionality for each area of application. Add to this laboratory basins for free wall assembly or as a foundation, mounting and quick-sink basins for an integrated fluid management, in numerous designs.

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