Which accessories do I need?

The kitchen sink is the heart of the kitchen; it is the place where a whole host of different tasks need to be completed. In order to make these jobs easier, here at systemceram we have produced matching accessories to suit our models. Read on to discover which accessories suit your own personal requirements.

Working board beech

Does your kitchen have a limited number of worktops, so that you are always struggling for space? An additional work surface is never a bad thing, especially in small kitchens or when you are often preparing lots of different of ingredients at once. A chopping board is the perfect accessory for you, even if you are working as a pair: you simply attach it to the edge of your basin and then you can chop and slice to your heart’s content.
Wood is a natural, sustainable material with a long life span and helps to preserve the blades on your knives, so that your knives stay sharper for longer. Both the feel and the warm appeal of wood make it a real eye-catcher.

Stainless steel strainer bowl

Where do you put the eggshell when the cake dough is sticking to your fingers? Our stainless steel strainer bowl is a sensible and perfectly fitting companion for all tasks at the sink. You can use it to collect food and other waste, whilst you carry on working.

Stainless steel dish rack

A dish rack can be used for all kinds of different tasks. Measured to the sink, this simply fits on the sink and can be used for a wide range of purposes. If any crockery falls into the sink, the dish rack breaks the fall, thus providing additional protection for both the sink and the dishes. It is also useful when cooking; for example when washing and cleaning fruit and vegetables. Stainless steel is heat-resistant and can withstand all the stresses and strains of everyday activity in the kitchen. This practical accessory is a great all-rounder for every household.

Washing-up liquid dispenser

Is your bottle of washing-up liquid ruining the look of your kitchen? Do you want your washing-up liquid to always be in reach? Want to avoid waste and not have to keep throwing plastic bottles away? Then our washing-up liquid dispenser is perfect for you! It is simply integrated into the sink.