How do I find the right sink?

Do you need a new sink? Perhaps for a new or existing kitchen? You are sure to find the perfect model in systemceram's range of products!

Even though the dishwasher handles most of the washing up these days, we still complete 65% of our kitchen jobs at the sink – from washing vegetables or salad leaves to filling pans and draining pasta. You should spend plenty of time choosing the features that you need for your sink area. Choosing a perfect combination of sink and fittings in terms of both their look and features is not always easy when there are so many materials, shapes and sizes available. The matching accessories from our range don’t just increase your choice; they also enrich your everyday life at the sink!

To help you stay focused and not get lost in the range of products available, we have compiled a list of criteria and pros and cons to assist you in your decision-making!

It is important to consider how you use your kitchen

Where do you want to put your crockery or colander of vegetables after you have washed them? Are you right- or left-handed? Do you need a sink with a draining board on the left or right-hand side? Or can you do without a draining board altogether for aesthetic or space-saving reasons? You could use a folding mat instead to provide a temporary or adjustable drainage space that can be quickly packed away again once you have washed your dishes. You should always consider your natural patterns of movement and incorporate these into your plans. Do you need two basins or is one enough? Now you need to think about the size of your pots, pans and colanders, as these need to be able to fit in your sink.

Spatial factors

systemceram offers functional solutions with a single and/or double basin, half basins and drains. In addition, it can be helpful to consider where the water connections are and where the water heater is located. Ideally, the cooker, sink and fridge should not be more than 1.5 metres apart to make life easier.

The right look

Square, rectangular or round? Which shape can you image your sink being? Which colour would go with your chosen worktop and units? We currently offer sinks in 15 on-trend colours and in an impressive range of designs. Functional, practical accessories and high-quality fittings are also available. Our collection also includes sinks that are ideal for installation in a corner thanks to their shape.

Built-in, undermount or flush-mounted – which type of installation is right for you?

Kitchen sinks from systemceram come in three different types of installation: as a classic built-in sink, as an undercounter version or flush-mounted. Deciding which of these types of sink is best for you really is a matter of personal choice – but the material used for your kitchen worktops also has a part to play. Flush-mounted sinks and undermount sinks can only be installed in natural stone or cast stone worktops; they cannot be mounted in wooden worktops.


To summarise, you need to consider:

  • The desired shape
  • A matching colour scheme
  • Your everyday kitchen life – how do you use the sink?
  • Where is the water connection?
  • How much space do you have for the sink?
  • Comfort & ergonomics – how do you tend to move in the space?
  • Which type of installation do you prefer: drop-in, flush-mounted or undermount?

You are certain to find your dream sink at systemceram!