Kitchen ceramics with tradition and history

systemceram GmbH & Co. KG is a young company with a long-standing tradition. This apparent paradox is deceiving, as the origin of today’s company is the cast ceramics division of KCH Keramchemie founded in 1928.

left to right: Gerhard Göbel, Felix Engel, Kevin Göbel, Manfred Engel


With the strategic re-orientation of KCH Keramchemie, at the focus of which was acid resistance, the ceramic activities were discontinued on Dec. 31, 1991. At the same time, the founders of today’s systemceram, Gerhard Göbel, Manfred Engel and Peter Noll acquired the cast ceramics unit as part of a management buy-out, making it into an owner-managed family business out of a group-managed company division. This ensured that technological knowhow was able to be continued to be used, expanded and refined.


Medium-sized batches on the one hand and the manufacture of resistant products subject to extreme strain on the other hand- the modern production facilities are geared toward the manufacture of ceramics specialties and not toward mass-produced goods. The production flexibility derived from this has made systemceram the contact point for special solutions and for this reason, we are able to show several renowned bathroom equipment suppliers in our customer portfolio.


The two Managers Kevin Göbel and Felix Engel

Production Areas

However, we mainly produce sinks and worktops for the modern fitted kitchen under the name of KeraDomo kitchen ceramics on the basis of a high material quality. The manufacturing and sale of bathroom ceramics was added on to this area over the past several years. In the area of KeraLab laboratory ceramics we exclusively produce fine stoneware, i.e. basins and worktops which need to meet high standards and comply with the applicable norms for laboratory equipment.


Our team of currently ca. 220 dedicated associates contributes on ca. 25,000 square meters of production area to the fact that both our customers and suppliers can bank on a reliable partner here in the Westerwald area.

Acclaimed Design and Quality

Acclaimed design in shape and color and the possibility of worktop design through cutting-edge process engineering makes us an esteemed partner in the fitted kitchen market and in laboratory construction. In this context, our products require good planning and customer advice. That is why fitted kitchen retailers and the laboratory construction industry are among our sales partners.

systemceram – Past and Present


Cologne-based businessman Wilhelm Kill is granted a loan to mine clay at the “Braunkohlezeche Berggarten” in Siershan – the birth of KCH Keramchemie


The cast ceramics division of KCH Keramchemie is founded


First large-size laboratory benchtop


Presentation of the first KCH kitchen sink – the “KSV 100” at Domotechnika in Cologne


The largest order received to date: 4,036 laboratory benchtops and over 3,000 laboratory basins worth over 4 million Deutsche mark supplied to Großhadern University


systemceram is founded by G. Göbel, M. Engel, P. Noll (number of employees: 110, turnover: €12.8 million)


Acquisition of production hall land, which was previously owned by KCH

September 2007

Mera 90 introduced as a new product – it is now the company’s most successful product


We celebrate our 10th anniversary


Peter Noll retires from the management board


€15 million invested in the new production hall


Keuco is supplied with systemceram products for the first time as an OEM business; further enquiries and orders follow


The new tunnel kiln is lit


Manfred Engel retires from the management board


systemceram launches its first bathroom ceramics to the market under its own brand – Patera and Lavara are the first bathroom basins to be produced

Dec. 2018

Our number of employees doubled between 2000 and 2018, from 110 to 220; turnover almost tripled


Gerhard Göbel retires from the management board; Kevin Göbel and Felix Engel become the only managing directors


We are celebrating 20 years of systemceram! We are very proud of this and invite our members of staff to celebrate this event with us!

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