systemceram – Quality ceramics made with German craftsmanship

Quality not quantity – this has always been systemceram’s guiding motto. The focus of all activities is on the production of ceramic specialties instead of mass-produced goods. High-quality materials combine with outstanding design here, making our kitchen, bathroom and laboratory ceramics so unique.

Quality with Tradition

The origins of systemceram go back to the cast ceramics division of KCH – Keramchemie founded in 1928 and so the company, actually still young, can avail of decades of experience and expertise in this area. Technical knowhow in the area of cast ceramics has been further developed and refined to reach today’s high level. The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and professional craftsmanship produces ceramics for the kitchen, bathroom and laboratory that is second to none.

Why Ceramics?

Ceramics are special materials with different features which make them suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and laboratory area. Processing at systemceram takes place in a perfect mix of professional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.  Our ceramics become especially robust and resistant through a 24-hour firing process at 1,240°C. This produces a material that is optimally suited for everyday use in the kitchen, bathroom or laboratory. Not only is it cut, scratch and shock resistant, but also heat and cold resistant. The especially hard sealed surface also ensures that our ceramics are particularly hygienic, acid-resistant and completely tasteless and odorless. Moreover, they can be cleaned easily and spotlessly, and we have the right accessories for you as well.

cut and scratch resistant
tasteless and odorless
easy to clean
shock resistant
heat and cold resistant
right accessories

Strong Design Kitchen Ceramics

Over 1,000 shape and color varieties

Your kitchen is as individual as you are-that is why your kitchen sink should be attuned to your personal taste. At systemceram you will find over 1,000 different shape and color variants for designing your very personal ceramic sink. From classic white to warm earth tones to elegant black – enjoy the vast design options provided by KeraDomo.


Award-winning Design

We have been able to hold our own with innovative design solutions in the area of sinks several times in diverse design contests in a challenging field of contestants. The awards highlight our well thought-out and innovative ideas and concepts for sustainable sink trends.

Winner of 'markt intern' study

As an orientation aid for retailers, craftsmen and suppliers, 'markt intern' regularly conducts nationwide performance rating surveys among owner-owned specialist businesses in which they rate their business partners several categories according to the school grading system of 1 (very good) to 6 (fail). According to these surveys, systemceram regularly ranks at the very top- a trend which we intend to maintain.


Put your faith in ceramic products from systemceram.
The high-quality KeraDomo products benefit from our many years of experience and technical expertise in the field of laboratory ceramics – as a result we can guarantee extreme durability thanks to the high material density. As such, we provide a five-year guarantee on bathroom and kitchen ceramics from systemceram.
Download the warranty certificate here in PDF format:

From Primary to Finished Product

In the model workshop all molds, from the model down to the work mold are manufactured individually. The mold is then filled with liquid raw mixture. It takes around 24 hours for the casting to set. After removing it from the mold, each product is checked and polished individually before being dried, glazed and fired.

In the computer-controlled glaze cabin the desired color is applied at programmed minute intervals. There are specially trained ceramics glazers standing by for special colors. The sinks are then adjusted to the corresponding cut-out dimensions by grinding robots programmed to the nominal dimension of every individual sink. Here, a final manual check is conducted and the finish grinding carried out.

From the removal of the casting from the mold, through polish, firing and glazing and down to the final quality control, your sink passes through the hands of an average of 15 qualified associates. If the preceding manufacture of the work mold and the final packaging and loading is included in the calculations a significant greater number of associates are involved in the manufacture of every sink, which still very much involves a great deal of manual work. But it does not stop there: Our associates in Sales and Administration also ensure the smooth processing of your order and we are currently working with a team of some 220 employees every day to supply you with a durable and aesthetic product.

Our Sustainability Management for Humans and the Environment

Ceramic products are highly durable. The high stress standards defined by Quality Management for kitchen and laboratory are the basis for our very high degree of customer satisfaction. Clay, firing clay and water are the natural materials from the region which we have been using for production for decades. In efficient, resource-saving production processes sinks and basins which are 100% recyclable are manufactured.

With the photovoltaics unit at the most recent production site of just under 2,000 square meters of area we have been generating up to 350 KWpeak since initial operation. To date, this is 2500 MWh renewably generated energy with which we were able to save 637,500 kg CO2. Our power consumption decreased by 20 %. The same applies to water as the subject of protection: Using intelligent process water cycles and water preparation we saved at least 17% water over the past three years.

Use of fossil fuels is also being saved: with the construction of the production furnace in 2012 the gas requirements per part of intact goods was reduced by 38% in comparison with 2011. For example, we use the heat energy of our tunnel furnaces and the heat loss of our compressors for the drying process with the aid of heat recycling units and heat the plant halls with it.

The human factor plays an essential role: With our comprehensive qualification program we contribute to long-term securing of junior staff and knowhow. We place store on diversity and promote equal opportunity. A healthy and safe work environment with comprehensive standards and measures in the area of health management are company standards.