High Quality Products for Industrial Customers

Small series, distinct forms, the highest quality and design standards- for many years systemceram has also been a reliable manufacturer partner and supplier to brand providers in the sanitary installations sector.  Ceramic basins, washstands and worktops at a high customized level are represented inter alia with an increasing number of models in the product ranges of reputable manufacturers such as Keuco or Burgbad.

High Quality Material

Owing to the use of high-quality fine stoneware, systemceram provides its industrial partners with the possibility of offering customized washstands, of especially high design quality. The fine and dense material permits a very shallow rim design and close edge radiuses in a way that is hardly feasible in the case of traditional bathroom ceramics. The perfectly smooth surface, color design according to the customer’s wishes within the scope of an extensive color spectrum and the functional features of the material- i.a. fracture strength and hygiene are further convincing arguments for use in the bathroom.

Customizable Production

In very short production cycles, we can also manufacture micro series for the kitchen and bathroom quickly and economically. The use of cutting-edge milling technologies creates the best prerequisites for a high degree of customizability of the products and thus for the exclusive positioning of the partner company on the market.

Professional Technology

Our industrial customers rely on our decades of experience in casting ceramics and the resulting top-notch quality of the products “made in Germany”. With our new production site on 6,000 square meters we have not only become even more flexible and efficient owing to automatic loading, casting and glazing facilities and a new high-bay warehouse ,but have also increased capacities. Consequently, we are also able to offer our established clientele or new customer’s growth potential in this operational division.

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