How do I find the right fittings?

In addition to the accessories, a sink also requires a matching, visually appealing and high-quality tap. Now you may be thinking: “But it is just a tap, aren’t they more or less all the same?”. However, in order to ensure that you can do all of your kitchen and bathroom activities easily and comfortably, you need a tap that is perfectly suited to you and your chosen sink. systemceram produces taps in a wide range of designs and styles, so there is a tap to suit every movement and every taste. The following article explains what you need to consider when making your choice.

Tap aesthetics – colour and shape

Most systemceram taps tend to come in a sleek, minimalist design, so that they fit seamlessly into the overall design of the kitchen. You can use the tap to create a design accent and to highlight the style of the furnishings. From retro to modern; from classic to playful – systemceram fittings come in a wide range of styles. To create a harmonious overall impression, as though everything has come from the one material, everything needs to match both in terms of colour and style: sinks, units, worktop and fittings. You can choose between glossy chrome and a stainless steel finish.

What features do you need?

If a classic tap does not suffice, you can find a tap that boasts a number of other features. A pull-out tap offers flexibility and movement for your kitchen chores. You can even match the design of the spray head with the colour of your sink. An additional integrated particle filter does not just protect your tap from dirt and deposits in the tap water; it will also make it easier to make a warranty claim in the future. A tap that can be twisted and moved as required can be of real benefit for dynamic tasks in the kitchen, especially if you have more than one basin to switch between.

Different types of tap

Single-lever mixer taps are the classic model when it comes to kitchen sinks. You can adjust the temperature and water flow in one movement with this type of tap. Window-facing taps is the term given to taps that can be lowered or pivoted. As the name suggests, this type of tap is ideal for sinks located in front of windows. It is your water heating system that is decisive when it comes to choosing between a low-pressure or high-pressure tap. High-pressure taps are used where water is sourced from a central hot water supply. By contrast, low-pressure taps are the correct choice for people who will be connecting the tap to the continuous flow heater.

Discover the taps by systemceram

Are you having difficulty choosing a tap? Get in touch or head to your local retailer. Discover the range of taps from systemceram. Different styles, designs and shapes give you the ultimate creative and design freedom.