Why choose kitchen ceramics from systemceram?

If you are looking for a new sink for your kitchen, there is one question that you simply can’t avoid: which material works best? It is not always easy to choose between ceramics, stainless steel and granite. Our ceramics are the sister product of laboratory ceramics – a sector in which fine stoneware really is a necessity. It can withstand extreme conditions and demands. Read on to discover the practical advantages of ceramic sinks.

Resistant to cold and heat

From ice to boiling water – nothing can shock fired fine stoneware. A sink made from our ceramics can withstand temperature changes and continues looking as good as new. The material is fired at extremely high temperatures and is extremely durable as a result, so that heat leaves the material cold.


As the material is also used in laboratories it is, of course, resistant to acids. Even staining foods like beetroot don’t leave marks on the ceramic sink. The material doesn’t stain and doesn’t fade. As a result, sinks from systemceram continue to looking attractive and as good as new for many years.

Impact-resistant, cut-resistant and shock-resistant

Sinks are exposed to a number of severe tests as we handle our pots, pans, knives etc. Fine stoneware can easily cope with all of these tests, as our ceramic sinks are practically immune to scratches and splinters. You can even cut on the ceramic material, as the material is cut-resistant but you should not use ceramic knifes due to the fact that they are as hard as the ceramic sink. The sealed surface and the dense material are highly resistant, so that we can provide you with a five-year guarantee on our kitchen ceramics.


One key point when handling food: the correct hygiene. KeraDomo kitchen ceramics are odour-neutral and tasteless. Dirt cannot adhere to the surface and the sinks are very easy to clean. It is almost impossible that particles of dirt and bacteria penetrate the surface.

Whether Country Style, Scandinavian, puristic or classic – Ceramic sinks mesh to any style and cut always a fine figure. Thanks to the great variants of colours you are able to let you imagination run wild – classical white over soft earth-colours to noble black. Also the wide ranges of variation are ideal for your creative freedom. The visual appearance is always kingly and fashionable.


From country house to Scandi, minimalist or classic – ceramic sinks can be integrated into any style and always cut a fine figure. Thanks to the wide range of colours available, you can let your imagination run wild and get something that perfectly matches your own personal taste – from classic white to soft earth tones to elegant black, everything is possible! The many different shapes available also give you plenty of design freedom, so that you can ensure that your sink perfectly matches your other fittings. All of our sinks look both elegant and refined, whichever particular style you choose.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Hygienic
  • Easy to look after
  • Extremely durable
  • Resistant to acid and heat
  • Wide range of shapes and colours available

Ceramic sinks from systemceram – guaranteed longevity

As a material, ceramics impresses us anew every day – it is so robust that everyday challenges are overcome with ease. The understated, elegant designs mean that you can find the perfect sink for any kitchen. Our specialist retailers are on hand to tell you all about our products. Have we convinced you about our material, but you are still not sure which model to go for? Check out our guide or take a closer look at our models.