Advantages of kitchen ceramics

Cold and heat resistant

Porcelain stoneware from the furnace cannot be shocked by anything. It has an extremely high thermal shock resistance.


Impact and shock resistance

Porcelain stoneware is hard-wearing; also in terms of shock and impact resistance.

Cut resistant

KeraDomo kitchen ceramics form the perfect basis for cutting and chopping.



Nothing sticks very long to smooth ceramic surfaces. They are easy to clean, remain neutral to taste and odour and are absolutely hygienic.

 Acid resistant

Ceramics resiliently withstand all household chemicals. Even colour-intensive "juices" such as beetroot, for example, do not leave a mark.



No soiling, or even limescale, can get a grip on CleanPlus-sealed surfaces. If all the care instructions are observed, then a CleanPlus surface almost keeps itself clean!

KeraDomo kitchen ceramics is a lasting value quality sister product of laboratory ceramics. We grant a 5-year guarantee on our ceramic products.


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